Kiho is a modern operating model for companies created by Mastercom. We hate piles of paper, bureaucracy and unnecessary investigation of issues. We think that employee should be able to focus on the work at hand rather than writing reports. With Kiho companies are leaded in a modern way with reports that are clear and up to date.

Mastercom is a company established in 2003 in North-Savonia, Finland. Company started it’s business as a software subcontractor and ICT- helpdesk producer. In 2005 we started to develop vehicle location service called “GPS-Msolutions” . In 2007 company ended ICT-helpdesk services and focused producing vehicle location service.

In 2010 Mastercom took in use an auxiliary business name “Kiho”. New name in hand direction of the company changed, and Kiho product family was born. Today, Kiho is leading producer of automatic information gathering services in its field. We want to be part of creating the newest technology.

Mastercom offers individually tailored services for it’s customers. Our principles include perseverance, customer oriented approach and finding solutions. Customers are part of product development so that each customer will receive product that is best for their needs. We are brave to take the newest technology in use and we improve our product development processes constantly; this enables the best and newest technology to our customers.

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