Worktime monitoring

People on the field see it as surveillance and business owners panic as payday approaches.
We developed a system that pleases both.
Mobile app
Location data
Realtime status

Mobile worktime monitoring for doers

Kiho makes every minute count

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going, said a wise man once. We beg to differ. There are easier ways to get your sweat on than filling out worktime spreadsheets, let alone deciphering them. We made our worktime monitoring mobile and unbelievably easy to use. Because sometimes the easy way out works best.

Worktime monitoring

Worktime monitoring. Two words guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. But not with Kiho. Our mobile app goes wherever your people go and logs worktime with two clicks - in and out. Hours are always logged to the minute and time banks stay up to date. Hours used can be categorized by client or worksite. You get real time info on what’s going on and where, and can optimize not only your own time but your doers’ as well.
Kiho also makes running your business easier by taking care of payroll to the penny. Our mobile app shows accumulated hours and allows your doers to mark down compensations, such as daily allowances. The data transports seamlessly to payroll and salary add-ons are calculated automatically based on your company specifications. Kiho also handles payroll and worksite reporting with ease.
Time is money and we’re pretty sure you have better things to do with yours than manual worktime monitoring. We developed our system to cater to all your needs from counting hours to invoicing them. Your doers get paid for every minute of their hard work and instead of pushing pencils you can focus on what you do best. And that makes for better business and happier people, in the office and on the field.

Work time monitoring in a nutshelle

Works in all devices

You can use the service on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Easy to use

With one button on and the other out - the hours are logged automatically. You can also log using a job type, customer, site, or cost center.

Real time information

The online service status monitoring tells you the real-time status of the work time loggings. 

Location information includede

If you wish, you will be notified if the time recording does not take place in the specified area, for example in the vicinity of a machine or construction site.

Tailored for your company

Roundings, approval rules, and editing rights for timesheets are customized according to your company's rules of the game. Change history is saved automatically, and you can always separate real-time loggings from post-edits.

Develop profitability

Are the clients profitable and are the work tasks evenly distributed? Kiho  allows you to make informed decisions to improve your company's profitability.

Automatic accruals

Kiho calculates evening, night, weekend, weekly and cycle overtime accruals for you.


The working time data collected in Kiho can be transferred to the most common financial management systems used in Finland for payroll calculation.

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