Kiho työnhallintajärjestelmä automaattinen laskutus työajanseuranta

Kiho – An unbroken automation chain

Kiho työnhallintajärjestelmä automaattinen laskutus työajanseuranta

Kiho produces automated data collection services. The guiding principle is to automate everything related to field work. Kiho does not mean separate devices and systems, but rather an integrated work management process. All Kiho products and services function and are linked together in the same cloud system. When Kiho is in use, the automation chain is unbroken: automatic task monitoring, automatic working time monitoring, automatic invoicing.

Data on persons, locations (for example, equipment and buildings) and vehicles is collected with devices and the mobile application to Kiho’s cloud. Data is sent back to users from the cloud as commands, tasks and analysed data. In the Kiho cloud, the data is processed and changed to reports, pay slips and invoices. Everything works on a mobile basis, and e.g. a separate invoicing software is not needed. Many companies offer similar services for working time monitoring, positioning and telematics, but rarely do they form a coherent whole even when acquired together.

The benefits obtained from automation are lost if the automation chain breaks down even at one point, or if even one phase of the work process includes paper forms, time sheets, invoices or logbooks. The purpose of all of Kiho’s business activities is to make work easier. The best and most efficient solution for that is automated and real-time operations control.

Positioning in itself is not enough

Kiho began its operations in positioning and telematics. Kiho’s current system has been developed to allow the utilisation of data received from positioning in the most diverse way possible in practical work. The positioning data in itself does not work miracles, but instead it must be changed to accurate and concrete data, with which the company’s activities as a whole can be actively controlled.

1. Invoicing: When mileage-based invoicing is performed with positioning, data must be retrieved manually from logbooks and regional reports, and the work done for each customer must be clarified. Data must be transferred to the invoicing software, and invoices must be created manually. The process is cumbersome and takes time, and it cannot be speeded up.

All you have to do in Kiho is click the Transfer button. Kiho retrieves the kilometres and working time, task and positioning data and creates an invoice from it automatically. In addition, the system confirms that the work performed has actually been invoiced.

2. Work-time monitoring: Working time monitoring carried out with traditional methods requires comparing logbook data with time cards and employees’ working time recordings. This might take, for example, an entire working day, depending on the number of vehicles and employees.

In the Kiho Work-time service, the user records only the start and end time of work. The monitoring is then automatic and in real time. In Kiho, you do not have to do anything yourself. Kiho observes working times and reports any deviations automatically through e-mail and text messages. The work process can be made more efficient with data obtained on productive hours. With Kiho, it is possible to monitor the work itself and its results and facilitate practice with accurate data.

3. Tasks: Working days often begin with the distribution of tasks. The day’s tasks are reviewed, they are assigned to performers, various arrangements are clarified and so on. This briefing may cut off a few hours from the working time right at the start of the workday, depending on the number of work tasks.

The Kiho Tasks service eases the planning, transfer and recording of field work. The mobile service is not a mere task list, but instead it takes into account the locations of the vehicles and machines, as well as the resources needed to perform the work task. Employees can begin their workday at the site right away. Data stored in the system can easily be changed to payroll data and invoicing data. Productive hours can be measured accurately.

Kiho not only monitors what happened in the field, but also what is happening right now and what will happen in the future. Kiho’s system enables comprehensive operations control and the accompanying benefits for business as a whole.

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