Transformation of work and artificial intelligence – Kiho in 2020

Kiho vuonna 2020 digitalisaation tulevaisuus tekoäly automatisaatio

In the future, automation and digitalisation will affect practically all work in some way. What will Kiho be like in 2020, and how does it respond to the impending transformation of work? The answers lie in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a significant global megatrend. In Finland, artificial intelligence applications utilising so-called traditional data have, however, been developed only to a very limited extent. Kiho’s services already produce a large amount of data, which will be used for the needs of artificial intelligence in the future. For Kiho, artificial intelligence is a tool that facilitates specifically practical work at the employee level. As work becomes more challenging, work productivity can be improved and costs saved with automation.

The nature of work will change, for example, in such a way that an individual worker has more than one job at the same time. The amount of temporary agency work will increase, and workers will change tasks according to where the greatest need is at any given time. The systems that are in use must allow for the worker to have orientation to work tasks in the mobile phone when starting work and thus be sufficiently prepared to tackle the work itself.

Kiho’s emphasis will continue to be in mobile work, but services are being refined to be applicable also for office work. Field work is performed as before, but automation takes care of everything else, especially invoicing and documentation. For that reason, the level of automation must be on a significantly higher level in the future.

Integration is the future

Kiho has worked for many years to ensure that the system base enables the use of new features in the products. The first project in which artificial intelligence is integrated into Kiho’s services will start in the near future. The next breakthrough will be augmented reality (AR / augmented reality), which will become part of Kiho’s services in the next few years. Augmented reality requires location data, which has always been the foundation for Kiho’s activities.

The above-mentioned reforms require that the system’s basic structure has an open code. Data must be retrievable from the database through different interfaces. The Kiho system’s basic architecture has now been changed to a form that can be utilised more widely, whereupon it is possible to introduce new interfaces.

Kiho’s services change along with work

Comprehensive documentation of the customer’s activities and data collection are key in Kiho’s services. In this way, all of the necessary areas can be controlled so that a sufficient amount of the customer’s activities can be automated. These include, for example, payroll, invoicing, management reporting and location data of mobile equipment. Kiho’s services are transparently priced: each service is its own product, which also has its own price. Kiho’s integrated service has few competitors in Finland, especially in companies providing SME services.

The transformation of work also shapes Kiho’s products. The new Kiho Work-time product is the first step toward the future and automation. Indeed, work involves other things as well besides working time monitoring. In addition to that, the work itself and its results must be monitored – only then is it possible to achieve cost savings and facilitate practical work.

When you purchase a system for work monitoring, purchase one with a future. Kiho will always openly tell you what its views of the future are.


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