Smart Driving Log

Kiho Smart Driving Log uses a locator device connected to the OBD plug found in the car’s cabin

Smart Driving Log

Kiho Smart Driving Log is the world’s first AI-based driver’s log. The service learns to distinguish between the driver’s working time driving from leisure time driving. Innovation helps improve the effective use of time by drivers while eliminating manual logging.

Improve your efficiency

Errors are eliminated as the AI learns to recognize location-based pats, while all data is recorded real-time in the driver’s log. The driver will only have to acknowledge the reason logged by AI.

You can view and add explanations by logging in to Kiho´s online service. You can also print reports in PDF or CSV format.

Order the service from our sales team

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Are you using the older version of Kiho Driving Log? We offer you the new service without extra cost for 3 months period!

The service is powered by Zeppo – Kiho´s AI


Ge to know Zeppo better ->

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