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Kiho referenssi Suomen Konesiirrot Oy

The founder of Antti Huhtala received multiple enquiries for a modern transport solution for forest machines. Antti developed an idea of a service connecting transport service provides with forest industry companies.

“I compared several technologies and made demos with several service providers. Kiho’s team understood our needs immediately. We decided to start building -service based on Kiho’s Platform. We managed to get the service ready and the application to the Play Store in less than six months from day the original idea was born. The application has also had very nice reviews!”

Fast growth

Suomen Konesiirrot Oy has grown to be the biggest company providing transport service to forest industry in Finland. The service has almost a hundred customer companies.

“A truck capable of transporting a forest machine costs about 200 000 ‒ 250 000 euros. It is not a good investment for a small company. Our wide network of contract drivers and their big fleet capacity ensures a transport always on time. A forest machine worker can order a transport directly via our mobile app and the order is delivered to an available transport driver,” Huhtala mentions.

“For us this is a full ERP”

Invoices created via service are transferred to the accounting service and all the way to the end customer digitally using Kiho’s API.

“No paper document is needed in any part of this process. We would need at least five more workers if we tried to manage our business without Kiho’s ERP.” has proven it’s capability to solve the challenges in forest machine transport industry. The business is growing strongly and the service and the mobile app are still in active development together with Kiho’s team. ”

“In two years we will operate everywhere in Finland. We are contacting future customers and buildind our contract driver network further. If you need a forest industry transport always on time, do not hesitate to contact me”, Huhtala says.

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