Better business with Kiho’s data-based equipment management

In the 2020s, digital equipment management is the order of the day. Kiho’s equipment management system collects data about the use and movements of your equipment to enable more efficient business management for you. It compiles data into an easy-to-use format, for example from an AI-based driving log, plotters and advanced GPS locators. 

Kiho keeps you up-to-date about your equipment’s movements and productivity and makes it easy for your employees to log data in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Digital monitoring reveals the utilization rate of your equipment

Acquisition, searching for, and transferring equipment takes up precious time, and time is of the essence for entrepreneurs. Digital equipment management saves you money as it shows, in real-time, the location and utilization rate of your equipment. If your equipment is spread over various locations and worksites, it is more than likely that some machines stand idle for long periods of time, waiting for their turn to be used. If equipment is transferred from one site to another without real-time GPS tracking, the transfer may go unrecorded, and you end up making unnecessary equipment purchases. 

Kiho’s services help you keep your trailers safe and accounted for, and keep you up-to-date on whether your equipment is engaged in productive work. You can easily redirect your equipment to new sites and target your employees’ contribution correctly. Our map service works both on a browser and on mobile devices, providing precise data on the location of your equipment.

Real-time data saves money

Automated equipment tracking is the quickest and most efficient way to monitor productivity. Kiho’s equipment management is designed to provide you with the data you need to improve your company’s profitability. 

For example, elimination of idle hours and precise allocations in bookkeeping is visible in your result right away. In our service, you don’t need to try to remember allocation afterward. Instead, you can:

  • allocate servicing and fuel costs to a specific vehicle
  • monitor vehicle productivity on an almost real-time basis as, for example, the kilometers driven and hours worked on a project are recorded in the Kiho service
  • eliminate delays in monitoring: equipment management in the Kiho service makes bookkeeping quicker and eliminates errors caused by delays

Data-driven equipment management helps your employees

Data-driven equipment management makes your employees’ everyday work easier, as they can enter all work-related records easily in one place. The day’s working hours can be recorded with a couple of clicks in the same mobile app that collected location data through GPS.  Automated vehicle tracking eliminates paper records, which are laborious and inaccurate.

Our data formulates payroll material based on working hour records, and automatically includes overtime pay and other compensations etc. The bonuses and compensations are precisely calculated on the basis of case-specific collective agreements and company-specific practices. Equipment management data also promotes well-being at work and occupational safety. The records reveal, for example, accumulated over time and hours drove, enabling you to divide the workload more evenly.

Kiho keeps your data safe

Real-time data is a superior way to monitor the figures of your business, but its data security is a must and worth investing in. In Kiho’s service, you always own your data and can rest assured that we protect it with state-of-the-art information security measures. We never disclose your data to third parties and we have developed our systems in-house. The latest security updates are automated and come at no extra charge. Kiho keeps your data safe and keeps track of your equipment to enable you to focus on your core business.

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