Now the control of cable drums is digitized – roadsides are cleaned with the Cabler system

Based on the Kiho business platform, the Cabler system brings environmental advantages and significant cost savings to electrical engineering. Developed for Reka Kaapeli Oy, the system reduces wastage of cable drums and enables optimization of transport of them.


The entire line of business benefits from the open Cabler system and its location of cable drums. With the help of real-time location of cable drums, transports can be optimized to be efficient so that time and energy are saved, says Jari Haapala, environmental and quality manager of Reka Kaapeli.

Reka Kaapeli manufactures and sells electric cables, control cables and instrumentation cables for various building projects in northern Europe. Most cables are delivered to customers in wooden drums. It is estimated that only in Finland more than 100,000 cable drums are sent annually. With the Cabler cable drum control system to be taken into use this spring, Reka Kaapeli wants to help operators in the field with problems connected with logistics and project control.

Control of problems with cable drums at building sites

Tens of thousands of wooden cable drums are sent from the Reka Kaapeli factories to build sites annually. It is difficult to trace cable drums left at roadsides and depots, and many drums disappear in the terrain. Customers must pay for lost cable drums – the payment for one single cable drum may be more than one thousand euros. The new Cabler system makes cable drum return processes more flexible, makes logistics more effective and facilitates project control at building sites.

Cable drums made of untreated wood resist three to five years of use. Effective recycling of cable drums brings economic and ecological advantage. A controlled cable drum traffic becomes particularly important at large building projects. To facilitate customers’ project and storeroom control, precise cable drum details and installation instructions can be entered in the system.

Competitors are also welcome to cooperate

The Cabler system has been created on the Kiho Business Platform. The Platform makes it possible to cost-effectively utilize Kiho’s existing technologies to make business applications for individual customers. The definition, implementation, and testing of the Cabler system as well as the introduction of the service were carried through within only six months. Coding a similar system from scratch would have been many times more expensive and the production time would have been many times longer.

The Cabler system has been developed and tested in close cooperation with customers. We will take the first version of the application into use with some chosen partners. Later we’ll publish an open version which will be taken into use by other cable factories, transport companies, electricity companies, network building companies, cable drum return shops. Competitors are also welcome, says Joonas Koskinen, Cabler’s project manager from Reka Kaapeli.


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Branch manager
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Jari Haapala
Reka Kaapeli Oy
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Joonas Koskinen
Reka Kaapeli Oy

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