Fuel as a Service for earthwork and forest industry

Kiho Fuelk

Mobile app for Fuelk customers

Fuelk Oy provides a Fuel as a Service® operating model, where the fuel is brought directly to the worksite where it’s needed.  Placing an order via mobile app is easy and the location of your site is transmitted automatically via GPS. If the fuel tank in the worksite is moved, the new location will be updated.

– We bring the fuel where it is needed and used. For this we need an trustworthy technology. Kiho has been an essential part in our business for a some time now, says the CEO Michael Holm.

”Kiho has nice and easy going people”

Fuelk service was developed based on Kiho Cloud Platform’s key elements, such as location information and mobile app.

– This service saves a huge amount of time for the end customers. It reduces the amount of unproductive work and improves the profitability of your company.

– Kiho has nice and easy going people, they are fun to work with. Customer service is friendly and they react quickly if needed.

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