Is invoiceable work slipping through your fingers? Kiho helps you keep things under control and keep money in your purse

All entrepreneurs know that time is money and there is none to be wasted. Still it tends to be wasted in working out unclear working hour records and managing unforeseen additional work. And that is costly. Nevertheless, not many entrepreneurs know exactly the cost of, say, a quarter of an hour of unrecorded work in a week. Do you?

Planning and management of mobile work is quite a puzzle to solve, particularly if employees, tasks and invoicing data are scattered all over the place. Supervisors are busy, employees focus on getting piled up work done and human errors occur in recording work and hours. However, your profitability is based on ensuring the efficiency of your worksites, so the matter is worth looking into. At the monthly level, when a quarter of an hour of work is not invoiced, the result will be a loss of hundreds, even thousands of euros.

Small streams make big rivers, and that applies to invoiceable work on your worksites as well

At the end of the day, your employees record the work done in a notebook, or on an hour registration form. On that paper, they remember to record the work that took the most time of their working day. However, quick tasks, not included in the agreed work rota, can easily be forgotten, particularly if they were minor and only took less than two hours. Your employee may have replaced a broken lightbulb in a housing company, checked a leaking water pipe, or used heavy machinery to move earth on the worksite, as requested by another company. All that was just a quick job, easily done, but invoiceable work all the same, and if not recorded, it will affect your company’s cash flow.

In addition to missing minor tasks, invoicing and record data that has to be collected from various sources means unnecessary extra work. All employers are familiar with the situation where, as the invoicing day comes, you spend hours compiling data from employees’ timesheets, notes on paper, WhatsApp and text messages, emails and worksite folders. You spend the whole day phoning employees to check the details and the weekend, easily, reviewing the info collected. It all costs time and money, and can take up all of your free time. But all this can all be done very easily, even in less than an hour. That is why Kiho’s comprehensive work management services are constructed so that you can focus on getting the job done.

Electronic working hour records are an entrepreneur’s best friend

The 100% Finnish Kiho Work system keeps you up-to-date on the progress of your worksites and invoicing data. It makes no human errors and saves time for you and your employees, as they can record working hours on their phone on-site. You can check the work done and tasks acknowledged in real time, and the app, based on location data, tells you exactly where your equipment is – to within one metre. Working hour records make your employees’ workdays easier. They can use Kiho to acknowledge work done, check the next tasks, and notifications for everyone, easily all in the same place.

The Kiho Work system enables real time monitoring of the productivity of each project, and when you link Kiho to your financial administration system, you can transfer the data directly to electronic invoicing and fluently further on to accounting. Kiho Work is an entrepreneur’s second brain, developed to allow you to give your brain a rest every now and then.

We customise our services to meet your company’s needs. Contact us and let’s work out together how Kiho can help you focus on the essential.

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