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We provide you with the best services in the field to manage your vehicles and machinery and to track working hours for harvester operators.

Easy working hours monitoring with mobile devices

Kiho is an easy way to monitor actual working hours, even down to a single stand marked for cutting. All entries are made on mobile devices utilising location data. The system will also inform you if the entry was not made within the defined area, such as in the work machine’s vicinity. Kiho also makes it easy to mark the logs and record cubic metres for each working day.

Harvester operators and work supervisors can monitor the accumulation of working hours in real time. Kiho will create payroll materials from the working hour logs, taking compensations and allowances into account. The payroll data will also be seamlessly transferred to the most used pay calculation software.

All services in one mobile application

vehicles and other equipment on the same map
electronic driver's log
route and start-up time data
maintenance and vehicle inspection reminders
webasto remote control
monitoring accumulator voltage levels


aloitus- ja lopetusajan
matkan ja reitin
mahdolliset tuotekirjaukset
työn suorittajan sekä ajoneuvon tiedot
Kiho has been really easy and effortless to use. Before we started this project, I had never used similar services, but I learned how to use Kiho in no time, it’s so straightforward. I use the mobile application all the time to check that I haven’t forgotten to log in and record all the compensations. And if I have forgotten something, the entries are easy to edit. Now that my work vehicle is also included in the service, I can easily check how many kilometres I have driven and verify working hour logs against the vehicle’s recorded routes.
Laura Huovinen, harvester operator, Finnharvest Oy 

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