Location based advertising for bus passengers

Keskisuomalainen-owned Neonmedia brings targeted, location-based advertising to local transport for the first time via a location-utilising business platform created by Kiho. The new info display technology will first be launched in Jyväskylä and Tampere local traffic, as well as on the Onnibussi inter-city routes.

For advertisers, it is key to display the right content to the right people in the right place, but until now targeting has been a challenge in public transport advertising. Created by the technology company Kiho, the display technology that utilises location data enables the advertiser to target their ads to be shown in the selected area for the first time ever.

Neonmedia’s CEO Jari Lähdemäki is eagerly awaiting to see what results this fresh partnership will achieve.

– Digital media is the sector where Keskisuomalainen is investing. We had both the need and the ideas, and Kiho has proven to be an innovative partner.

Public transport advertising is currently one of the fastest-growing mediums. In 2017, nearly 480 million trips took place in the local transport of the ten largest cities. At best, the share of public transport in local traffic grew by more than nine per cent between 2016–2017.

Passenger communications to become more and more interactive

The system has two parallel displays and it utilises location data produced by Kiho. The first display shows passengers real-time, predictable information regarding the trip.

Previously the info display only showed passengers the name of the next stop, but the location-utilising display enables showing also available connections, later stops with ETAs, and possible fault notifications. For the passenger, real-time information means a more pleasant travelling experience.

The other display is for commercial content. Thanks to location data, this commercial content can be targeted to a certain area, such as a particular neighbourhood. Targeting benefits both the advertiser and the public transport passenger. The advertiser can target their messages to the best possible area, and the public transport passenger can view the services of companies in exactly the current location.

In addition to location data, advertising can utilise databases. Jyväskylä is now piloting a system that displays the closest real estate target for sale by OP-Kiinteistökeskus on the local bus info display. This is highly advanced technology and no local competitors can offer similar services.

Kiho’s Industry Director Tomi Virtanen says that this is only a preview of all the things location-utilising info display technology has to offer.

– I believe that passenger communications will become even more interactive in the future.

Platform brings new business

The service’s technical implementation is based on the Kiho Platform, a business platform geared towards companies. By using this business platform, a company can create a branded service that utilises Kiho’s location technology or a mobile application.

The benefits of this operational model are speed and cost-efficiency as companies do not need to code the required platform from scratch on their own. Among others, the Siirrot.fi service of Suomen Konesiirrot Oy and the fuel service of Fuelk Oy are built on the Kiho business platform.

– The fact that Keskisuomalainen has been able to create a new business sector on top of the Kiho business platform is proof of the platform’s versatility, Virtanen says.

The Kuopio-based technology company Kiho is a platform economy expert who has developed the Kiho business platform for the management and invoicing of mobile work. The platform’s software services include, for example, vehicle management, working hours monitoring, equipment watch, and invoicing. More than 500 companies are already using Kiho’s services based on location, IoT, and artificial intelligence. The official name for the growth company established in 2003 is Mastercom Oy. In 2018, the company’s turnover was 2.9 million Euros; in 2019 the company aims to double it. The company’s personnel comprise 35 people.
The Porvoo-based Neonmedia offers media visibility in 18 buses in local city traffic. Neonmedia is part of the communications group Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen.


Additional information:

Tomi Virtanen
Industry director
tel. +358 41 544 2682


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