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With Kiho invoicing you will transfer working time, task and location information from the field easily as invoices. Working time entry’s or task’s invoicing will happen with “transfer to in voicing” action when the system will create automatic invoicing entry.

Invoicing entry will be created with one click from following information:

  • Hourly or vehicle based payment product (based on vehicle loggins)
  • Driven kilometres
  • Delivered products/services
  • Recorded informal information
  • Photographed attachments

Invoice entries will be separated by work sites, projects and work stages and formed invoice material can be transferred directly to invoicing program as Finvoice form over data terminal.

Invoicing process under control – all the work and materials to the invoice

Invoicing process can be divided into different stages to ensure that all the work will be in the invoice correctly. For example, in work time monitoring the roles can be divided so that the manager will transfer working hours into payment entries at the same time when she/he will check the hours going to payment. Selecting the payment entries and gathering them as invoices is the only task left for the biller. Driver, foreman, biller, or even the salesperson responsible of the sale, can transfer task into an invoice. The most important part is that from the service invoiced/uninvoiced work is easily to be seen.

Money to the account immediately

Invoice circulation will be shorter with Kiho Invoicing when all the all the information needed for invoicing is at use immediately after work performance. When invoicing can be dealt with for example smart phone and invoices can be sent immediately, company can gain extra money worth up to their turnover. When invoicing is dealt immediately after work no invoices will be forgotten. Figuring unclear issues is easy as well when you can ask “What did you do minute ago?” rather that asking “Do you remember what you did three weeks ago on Friday?”.

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