Kuljetus Hietanen Oy – real time work management

Kuljetus Hietanen is a family business specializing in the transport of farm animals. The company operates from Konnevesi in an area that covers almost half of Finland. The high quality standards of the operation guarantee good treatment for the animals during transport.

Fully digitalized work control

Snellman, the client of the company, sends the company information about the routes to be run through its own Elku system with a few days’ notice. CEO Tero Hietanen will be responsible for planning the use of equipment and personnel.

“Kiho’s real-time worktime monitoring has made it possible to optimize the use of personnel. I am able to plan shifts and driver change times and places so that employees get the agreed hours, but expensive overtime is accrued as little as possible.” 

Work time management using mobile devicesmobiililaitteilla

Employees log in to work with the mobile app and at the same time choose the type of salary to be used at any given time. Based on the working time records, the Kiho Worktime service generates the material needed for payroll calculation, which includes both the daily allowance payments recorded by the employees and the evening, night and weekend allowances automatically generated by the Kiho service.

“The extras vary depending on whether you are driving with a truck or just a knob. Kiho’s system can calculate these automatically, all I have to do is check the working time data and transfer it to my accountant’s payroll process by pressing a button.”  

Kiho and Talenom

“I have received a very good help from Talenom, the accountant has given good instructions and local entrepreneur Mikko Römpötti has helped in many respects. I have to say that a Kiho and Talenom are gold worthy partners. Employees are well versed in the use of Kiho’s time tracking and the payroll transfer to Talenom works flawlessly. I can surely recommend this!”

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