Property maintenance

Kiinteistönhoidon toiminnanohjaus

ERP for property maintenance

Kiho enables flexible and efficient ERP in property maintenance. Close monitoring of ploughing and gritting, as well as effortless management of maintenance task on mobile devices, will make your everyday life easier and help streamline your operations.

Real-time work task management

Kiho Tasks is a total solution that consists of an online service and a mobile application and is also largely used for property maintenance ERP. Work tasks are created in the online service and sent for completion to select persons’ mobile devices. All billable extra work and work included in the contract price are easy to keep separate to create accurate, real-time invoicing data.
For each task, the service will log the following:
start and end times
distance and route
possible product registrations
information about the person who completed the task
information about vehicle/machine

Easy billing of extra work

You can configure Kiho to automatically create account sales entries for billable extra work according to the time spent on the task – using customer-specific pricing. Sales invoices accrued from collected sales entries can be electronically transferred to most used financial administration software programmes.

Ploughing and gritting activity on the map

Kiho lets you see the vehicles and other equipment on the map. The service records all routes and locations, as well as the used driving mode, thus saving all the required route data of performed ploughing and gritting operations. Map-based area reports provide easy viewing of time spent at each target and you can track the profitability aspects of all your maintenance locations.


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Kiho makes work clearer and faster. Managing work becomes easier as all the needed data is practically found in one system. Workers like it too, as all assignments come from one single channel. They can see their own task lists on their mobile devices and plan their own work week accordingly.

We have created ploughing routes in the Kiho map service for each plough driver, who can then choose their routes and see the preferred working order. Our drivers set off in the early hours of the morning, and when I come to the office I can see, for example, the ploughing status at a glance.

I can recommend Kiho if you need a similar system.
Joni  Kröger, Kuopion Huoltotrio Oy 

Open interfaces enable diverse integrations

Kiho’s open interfaces enable using the service together with numerous other software suites. Ready-to-use, two-way integrations with Visma Tampuuri and Granlund Manager include features such as:
importing service requests/maintenance tasks into Kiho
updating statuses for service requests/maintenance tasks
recording feedback for service requests/maintenance tasks

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