Kiho work management fulfills Espoo KTK’s needs

Kiho work management can be tailored suitable for customers precise needs. Espoo KTK is a leading operator of transport and logistics industry in Helsinki region and satisfied user of the Kiho -system. Versatile services of f.e. transport, distribution, earthmoving and machinery are part of its business field.

Kiho services that Espoo KTK uses:

Kiho työnhallintajärjestelmä voidaan räätälöidä tarkalleen asiakkaan tarpeita vastaavaksi. Sovelluksen päivittäinen käyttö on vaivatonta kuorma-autossakin.

Kiho work management system can be tailored suitable for the customer’s precise needs. Daily use of the app is effortless even in a truck.

Work management system for digital monitoring of drives

Contract with Espoo city required from Espoo KTK a digital recording and reporting of drive performances in an accuracy wanted by the customer. Kiho work management system was tailored to fulfill these needs.  Commissioning took two months from the order to ready package, including all the necessary changes and improvements for the interface. Reporting for the city has been fully automatized with the system. Stable android app works in tablet computers and the usage for the driver is easy: they only need to login to the system and start to record tasks.  Extra attention has been given to for the easiness of daily use of the app in trucks in designing the interface. We are proud to say that Kiho work management system is light years ahead from its competitors.

Tailored work management initialized with ease

We needed digital information harvesting system to record and report performance information to meet the required ways and preciseness. Kiho accepted the challenge and delivered us the program tailored to our needs. Commisioning has worked surprisingly well and drivers has taken it positively. Cooperation with Kiho has worked perfectly and we are planning to continue by implementing drive organisation program and utilization of the program in invoicing.

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