Partnership cooperation between Kiho and Tampuuri

Partnership cooperation between Kiho and Tampuuri

The partnership between Kiho and Tampuuri property management software makes it easy for property management companies to keep Tampuuri up-to-date on work in the field. The integration implemented between the two services enables the transfer of maintenance tasks via an interface from Tampuuri to the Kiho Tasks service.

Two-way integration makes everyday work smooth

Kiho’s mobile application facilitates easy task management for employees. Everyone can see their tasks on a clear, automatically updated list. An image or a feedback text can be saved with the tasks, and transferred to Tampuuri via two-way integration.

Tampuuri users kept up-to-date

Kiho produces almost real-time data for Tampuuri on the status of maintenance tasks. Tampuuri users can use this data to see in real-time what is happening in the field – the work being done and completed, and the additional information or pictures saved by the performer of the work about the maintenance task.

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