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Organise and schedule school rides effortlessly and fast with the Kiho Student school transport service!

Our school transport service offers sizable benefits:

  • Easier work for the transport organiser with fewer mistakes
  • Rides with shorter durations, redundant rides left out entirely
  • Transport planning and optimisation more effective via real-time location and service information

    User interface automatically calculates the time and kilometres

Our interface calculates timetables and kilometres automatically

With our service, organising and scheduling school rides is effortless and fast. Once the pupils, their caretakers as well as the required contact and address information have been entered into our system, our transport organiser generates rides based on the entered data. The system will automatically calculate ride durations and pick-up times for pupils. The system will also take into account schedule changes due to absences and notify parents of changes to the timetable. Rides with shorter durations, redundant rides left out entirely.

Caretakers will be up-to-date at all times

The system will send an SMS notification on when your child must be at his/her stop. In addition, caretakers have access to the calendar view, which displays their child’s future rides and corresponding timetables.

Safety is at the core of our service

Real-time car location data and the ability to notify via mobile device when individual pupils have begun and finished their ride will improve transport safety significantly while also setting caretakers’ minds at ease.

For more information, please contact us!

Tommi Järvinen
Phone: 050 466 7533

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