Kiho produces the first AI-based driver’s log

Kiho has developed AI-based driver’s log for two years. The image features Product Development team members Antti Koponen (left), Henri Hartikainen, Miika Antikainen, Ville Nuutinen, Henry Säisä, and Petteri Jokinen.

Finnish technology company Kiho has developed the first AI-based driver’s log, which learns to distinguish between the driver’s working time driving from leisure time driving. Innovation helps improve the effective use of time by drivers while eliminating manual logging.

Kiho, which specializes in mobile work digitalization, has invested in the product development of AI-based applications for the last two years. Previously, the company’s work management systems utilized telematics and IoT.

“The driver’s log based on AI helps improve the efficiency of drivers. Errors are eliminated as the AI learns to recognize location-based pats, while all data is recorded real-time in the driver’s log. The driver will only have to acknowledge the reason logged by AI”, describes Kiho’s CEO and architect of innovation, Antti Koponen.

AI takes care of middle management routines

The open source code-based Kiho Smart Driver’s Log is only the first step towards mobile work digitalization. The company’s experienced product development team is already planning. The next step is to harness Kiho’s AI in collecting invoicing material and carrying out working time logging.

“AI is entering more traditional sectors rapidly, revolutionizing work,” explains Koponen, as regards the company’s interest in AI. Kiho believes that mainly middle management routine work will be handled by AI systems in the future.
“In the future, the management will mainly be tasked with ensuring that creativity and interaction are maintained for enabling the creation of new ideas. Significance stems from the opportunity to develop and influence one’s work”, Koponen envisions.

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