Five easy steps to start using Kiho

An easy introduction is the key when you begin enhancing the efficiency of your company’s operations with Kiho. Our high-quality introduction process makes the services available for your employees smoothly, and the business benefits will soon be realized. That is the reason why we at Kiho have focused on the process of taking Kiho into use and making it as effortless as possible for your company.

Once you have placed an order for the Kiho services with our sales team, we will assign one of our four project managers as your contact person. This one person will be your contact person throughout the orientation process and ensure that the Kiho service produces the expected benefits. Five easy steps is all you need in the introduction.

Steps in the introduction:

1. Preparation of your Kiho environment

The introduction process begins with an initial email message from your contact person. The information we require to set up your Kiho environment is listed in the message. The following information is needed:

  • users and main users
  • vehicles and machinery
  • products
  • customers

In most cases, the easiest way to compile these detailed lists is to use your financial administration software, either yourself or via your accounting agency.

In addition, we require information about the rules of working hour allocation in your company to automate, for example, the accrual of bonuses and allowances. To make preparation easier, we also need advance information on your invoicing practices. Naturally, the information we need depends on the scope of the Kiho solution you ordered. If you are only introducing the Kiho Equipment service, less data is needed.

We will link Kiho’s sales and working hour services on your behalf with your financial administration service via interfaces. This facilitates the comprehensive digitalization of your business from work performance to financial statements. The list of available interfaces is here.

2. Installation of locator devices in vehicles

If your solution includes Kiho Equipment services, the installation of locator devices must be planned and organised. The locator device is connected to the OBD plug found in a passenger car or a van. Battery-operated locators for use on minor equipment only require physical attachment to the relevant equipment.

Fixed locator devices on heavy equipment and work machinery are usually installed by Kiho’s technicians. These devices collect information not only on the route, speed and location, but various driving modes as well. The installations take place at the location where your equipment is and take as little time as possible to avoid interruptions to your company’s productive work.

3. Training for main users

Once the Kiho environment is prepared and locators installed, it is time for introduction training. Depending on the scope of your Kiho solution, the training will take one or two hours, and the training sessions for the various software modules can be spread over several days. The main user training covers the basic use of Kiho and maintenance operations such as adding and administration of vehicle fleet, users, customers, and products. Your company can have one or several Kiho system, main users.

4. Training for employees

If it is possible to have all your employees on site at the same time, we can arrange a brief introduction for them on how to use Kiho. During that session, we will ensure that everyone downloads the mobile application and performs a few test entries. In most cases, supervisors learn to use the mobile app first and then show employees how to use it. We help in planning the training for your employees and deliver a quick guide to the mobile app for distribution to your employees using the app.

The use of the mobile app will soon become an integral part of daily work when everyone is clearly obligated to use it. In some cases, the previous working method, such as paper entries of working hours and invoicing data, will continue in parallel with Kiho (e.g. for a month).

When using the Kiho Work service, employees record in the mobile app the information they previously provided in other ways. Real-time recording takes some getting used to; however, after a couple of days, the benefits become evident for the employees as well. When details of work performance are forwarded in real-time, and any confusion or deviations can be dealt with immediately, there will be no more need to try and remember things afterwards or to clarify anything.

5. Support after introduction

In the next few days following the introduction, your employees may have questions for you, and you for us. New ideas for utilizing Kiho even better may also come up. Your assigned project manager will be your direct contact for at least two months after the introductory training. The project manager will answer any questions you may have, configure your Kiho environment if needed, and ensure the smooth use of the service in every way. After that, your contact person will step aside and you can contact our Customer Service if you need help. 

Any questions or concerns? Would you like to know more about the introduction process of Kiho? Feel free to contact Sari!

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