Kiho got over shortage of encoders

As late as last year, although rapidly growing, Kiho, like other technology companies, was suffering from chronic shortage of developers. Now the situation has changed: during the last six months, the company has employed six programmers for product development. Currently, we receive job applications and applications for trainee jobs nearly every day. Thanks to our committed and satisfied employees, our fruitful cooperation with educational establishments and our own master-journeyman model, we have been able to get over our shortage of skilled workers.

A couple of years ago, our technology company found itself in a situation in which few growth companies would like to find themselves. New customers kept coming, but our development and production did not come up to our increasing sales. We needed more skilled programmers. So Kiho’s management seriously started recruiting people.  

An employee promise becomes reality

We wanted to make Kiho a workplace that offers everyone the opportunity to develop into an international expert. The company´s principal values were freedom, equality, and a communal atmosphere. The values are tangible in our employees’ everyday life: they can work wherever they want to, no on is discriminated, and a helping hand is always near.

– Our programmers are free to make their own decisions within their code. We appreciate new creative ideas and solutions. We prepare new ideas together, but an idea is finalized in the style of the one who came up with the idea. Here we do our things together, and no one tells others to do things in a certain way, says managing director Antti Koponen

However, our common goals are set high: aiming at the global market, Kiho wants to be the best in the business.

The master-journeyman model is Kiho’s academy 

Developer Eki Markkanen had worked one year in his own game company when he joined Kiho. He had heard of Kiho’s reputation as an programmer-friendly workplace from friends working in his game company.

– During my first two months, I had time to familiarize myself with Kiho’s code. The first thing I did was to program user interface and backend. Little by little I have learned more about what goes on in Kihos code and what can be done in it. Programming is about continuous learning. I get lots of help from my appointed master, an experienced worker who is always there to help me and explain things, Eki says.

Many skilled workers in the field appreciate the possibility to participate in innovate pioneering projects requiring creative solutions and bold programming. Kiho develops solutions which are based on artifical intelligence, IoT technology and machine learning, and which reform working life.

Traineers do not have to sit and wait

Kiho cooperaters with the Savonia Polytechnich, the University of Eastern Finland, and other local educational establishments. The company has taken part in developing education in the ICT field, offered trainee jobs to stundents and visited many educational establishments.

– We have received a huge number of applications for summer training, the bush telegraph has really been working and we have become more and more well-known over the past few years. We don’t let trainees sit and wait, we put them to work right away under the guidance of a “master”, a more experienced employee, that is. Our trainees are sure to learn, Koponen says confidently. 

We want interviews to be relaxed conversations during which we find out about the applicant’s motivation and interest in programming. In school one can learn the basic skills, but it takes a lot more to become really good: genuine interest, a desire to learn more and develop. When a new worker is employed, we choose a so-called master whom the journeyman, meaning the new employee, can ask about anything. In terms of developing, we feel that a workmate is the best help. This is one of the basic ideas of the Kiho Academy, Koponen adds. 

Next summer the Kiho Team will be strengthened by two programmer trainees. During this year, at least five skilled programmers will get new career opportunities. 



Antti Koponen, managing director
+358 45 120 6704

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