Kiho Driving log makes Helena Riihitupa’s workdays easier

Kiho’s automatic driving log and mobile work time control makes workdays easier for busy Helena Riihitupa. Helena works as a speaker, commercial and photograph model and pr- representative. Her work spreads all around Finland and mostly she travels to locations with her car.

Kiho services that Helena uses:

Less effort and easier workday  with automatisation of unnecessary work. Kiho automatic driving log offers comprehensive reporting features. It can also be connected to Kiho mobile work-time control seamlessly.

Automatic driving log – less paperwork

Most of the Helena Riihitupa’s working week is spent on the road: travelling to photoshoots, events, speaker jobs – and returning from them. She does not need to use time for reporting – that is taken care by Kiho Driving log. Driving log saves all the drives automatically with the help of GPS-locator to web service. “I was surprised how easy it was to take the service in use”, Helena tells. “Installation was done in a moment.” After installing locator records can be examined and edited in the web service. Due to the service information from the driving log will keep saved and organizes and they are easy to deliver to the tax officer as a clear list.

Mobile work time control – effortless even on the go

Work time controlling could be quite tedious for Helena, who does versatile freelance work, without the help of Kiho’s flexible service. Easy to use mobile app and GPS-locator enables effortless and fast recording of working time. “With the help of MobileKiho I can now save information about the work I have done with just a few clicks.” Driving log automatism and mobile working time control makes busy Helena’s workdays easier and decreases amount of paperwork.

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