Intelligent Monitoring of Driving Manners

Responsibility creates competitive advantage

Risky driving behavior with a company vehicle increases accident risks, reputational risks, and economic risks. Building sites and factory surroundings often require particularly careful driving behavior which also means that the importance of monitoring of driving manners increases.

Lead with data – minimize risks

Kiho’s Intelligent Monitoring of Driving Manners is a service that enables real-time monitoring of driving behavior with extraordinary precision. The service combines the Mobileye technology with Kiho’s intelligent reports producing valuable data for owners of vehicle fleets

Technology guides the driver

The service reminds the driver of safe distances in real time and thus helps the driver to develop driving manners.

Kiho controls the observance of good driving manners

You can see the driving manners of your entire vehicle fleet in real time in Kiho’s web service in your computer, tablet PC or smartphone. You can compare drivers’ or vehicles’ driving manners and quickly intervene in deviations.


Monitor speeding in real time and intervene in deviations immediately.

Safe distances

Make sure that safe distances are observed.

Dangerous situations

See lane or pedestrian warnings.

The advantages of the service

  • risky drivers are identified
  • driver safety increases
  • no needless on-the-spot fines
  • driving manners develop
  • the company’s image improves

Turnkey delivery

In order to function, the Kiho Intelligent Monitoring of Driving Manners requires a Mobileye device and a Kiho vehicle locator. We offer you the complete solution as a turnkey delivery including all necessary equipment and installation work.

Combine the Intelligent Monitoring of Driving Manners with other Kiho services

The Kiho Intelligent Monitoring of Driving Manners works smoothly with other Kiho services.

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