Kiho can easily be integrated with 3rd party servicesKiho’s open interfaces enable versatile integrations with external systems. There are also ready-made integrations, e.g. export sales invoices and working time data to various financial management systems.

Available integrations


Sales invoices created in Kiho can be transferred in electronic form e.g. to the systems listed below:

  • Talenom
  • Netvisor
  • Procountor
  • Netbaron
  • Heeros
  • Passeli

Work time

Working time data collected in Kiho can be transferred for payroll calculation, e.g. to the following systems:

  • Talenom
  • Netvisor
  • Fivaldi
  • Heeros
  • Visma L7
  • Lemonsoft
  • Tikon
  • Mepco
  • Aditro


Kiho’s open interfaces enable versatile integrations. Typical integrations are cases where work tasks created in an external system are transferred to the Kiho Tasks application and the information collected about the completion of the work is transferred from Kiho back to the external system.

Map and locations

We have implemented a wide range of interfaces to export vehicle data to an external system.


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