Effectivity for communication

For the company to carry out its business, all the employees need to have up to date information about the company’s issues. Uusally information is shared with tradiotional post-it noticeboards, intranets or with emails. However, papers on a noticeboard has the problem that no one bothers to read them because they get buried under already outdated information. No one bothers to log into intranet and emails get buried under dozens of other emails. Therefore, modern solution is needed. Screen advertising studies have found that 70% more people that walks pass the screen will remember information on it when compared to printed information same size as the screen. Therefore, screen is better to inform people than printed paper. When other than company information is also presented on a screen ( and news) employees will absorb company information easily, especially if the screen is installed on a break room.

Automation creates easiness

Kiho Noticeboard consists of media player installed on the screen and from a web service that is extremely easy to use. Web service enables company information to show on the screen; it can search information either from some source or the information can be recorded to the screen  on a text editor.

Kiho Noticeboard can present for example:

  • Intranet bulletins
  • RSS feed (Facebook, webpages, news)
  • Weather
  • Vehicles’ live location
  • Live monitoring of the working time entries made by the employees
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