Fleet Management

The time of spreadsheets is over

Developed in Finland, tested on the field

Kiho puts your fleet on the map
and money in your pocket

Be it trailers, drills or pickup trucks, records of your fleet’s movements are usually stored in the head of whoever used it last. If at all. Makes for easy management, doesn’t it? Kiho optimizes your fleet management and saves you both money and time. Diggers dig and trucks transport - Kiho knows exactly what, where and when.

Fleet management

Our platform is designed to make fleet management easier and optimize your productivity. It uses the most advanced technology available and tells you in real time where in the world your machines are moving. Our mobile application makes it easy to check locations and routes, and see if your machines are standing idle.
Kiho also keeps your fleet running smoothly by reminding you of upcoming inspections and maintenance needs. It helps hone your drivers’ skills behind the wheel and develops safer and more
economic driving.
With Kiho you can easily organize your upcoming worksites and the machinery needed to get things done. Kiho takes your fleet productivity to the next level and also takes care of billing and reporting with no fuss. And that makes for better business.
Bulldozers to dump trucks and chainsaws to power drills - you’ve got machines, we have a platform to manage them all. Whatever your fleet maintenance needs, we got you covered!
"Kiho has helped us rationalize what we do"
Marko Heikkala, workshop manager, Maarakennusliike Pusku Oy


Digital fleet catalogue
Locations and routes on the map
Maintenance reminders
Maintenance task management 
Mileage, usage and fuel monitoring

Take your business to the next level with effective fleet management

Kiho makes work easier for business owners and people on the field alike. Forget about post-its and spreadsheets, our platform keeps your data organized and where it should be. We take data security seriously and keep your facts and figures under lock and key.
Our services are seamlessly integratable and allow you to automate reporting and invoicing. With Kiho you don’t have to worry about human errors and slip ups. All the miles driven and hours used, our system transfers data to invoicing automatically and ensures you get paid for every minute of the hard work you’ve put in.
We provide the tools you need to simplify processes, optimise your fleet and maximise your business growth potential. Let’s get to work!

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