Fieldwork Management

In the office or a forklift, with Kiho you work smarter, not harder.
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Made to move

Let’s face it. Fieldwork management can be a tricky business, and not really the one you got into. After your 60-hour workweek you probably have better things to do than cross referencing to do -lists and worksite reports. That’s where we come in.
Work needs doing and papers pushing, Kiho is designed for both.

Fieldwork management

Kiho is tailor made for doers. Developed in Kuopio, Finland, our location based service keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the field and makes work more profitable. With Kiho you can easily manage all phases of your fieldwork. From planning to reporting and worktime to invoicing, we got you covered!
Our easy to use platform goes wherever you go. Install it in your phone and easily manage tasks no matter where you are. Our mobile app gives you real time information on where your doers and worksites are at. Kiho makes work easier for your doers too. With real time task lists and automated worktime in their pockets work gets done like never before.
Kiho is made to move information from the field to the office and vice versa. Less paperwork means more time to do as you please. The best part? It’s unbelievably user friendly. Give us half an hour of your time and we promise you’ll master our platform - it’s that easy to use. And in case of emergency, we’re always only a phone call away.
We employ 20-60 year old hands-on people who don’t just use modern mobile apps. However, everyone has learned to use the Kiho system well.
Jani Sihvonen, CEO, Puuppolan Konepalvelu Oy

Benefits for company management

You can improve the profitability of your company when you see in real time how much time is spent on a job, a customer, a construction site or a cost center.
You can automate the compilation of billing information, eliminating manual workflows.

Benefits for management

You can see the status of work tasks in real time and who is doing what.
The times, data and pictures of the completed tasks are saved.
When the situation changes, you can react in the light of real-time information.

Benefits for the employee

Your own to-do list and all the information you need to get the job done, such as locations, routes, products and directions, goes with your mobile device.
You will receive notifications of new jobs on your mobile device, all jobs will come along one channel.


 Kiho’s open interfaces enable versatile integrations with external systems. There are also ready-made integrations, e.g. export sales invoices and working time data to various financial management systems.

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