Electronic control of field work also works in exceptional circumstances

Control of field work with electronic systems is effective and safe even in exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances, work continues, but working practices change. The situation guides us to ecological and safe working methods – people move around less, and information is processed electronically.

Kiho brings new working methods to companies doing field work

With the old-fashioned model, work orders and instructions are picked up at the office, the work is done in the field and the customer signs the papers with a pen. The papers get to the office on time.

With Kiho, the work order with instructions is sent directly to the customer’s smartphone, the customer signs the work order electronically, and the invoicing and working hours data can be used in real time. The data will not get lost and invoicing data cannot fail to be received.

Get the advantages instantly, without one-time investments

You can get the Kiho services as a monthly paid service without one-time investments. The advantages of the new working methods will be tangible right away, so the acquisition will pay for itself immediately.

Kiho serves you remotely

Also, you can read about the Kiho services, order services and learn how to use them remotely.


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