Location, equipment management, working hours monitoring, and job relay – all in one service

Once you have all the required information under the same service, you have a functioning whole at your disposal. You can cut down on equipment and administrative costs, only pay for actual realised hours, and ensure that all completed work is included in invoicing as quickly as possible.

Accurate working time measurement,
no paper slips needed

Kiho Working Time Monitoring is an easy way to track actual hours. All entries are made on mobile devices utilising location data. The system will also inform you if the entry was not made within the defined area, such as in the work machine’s vicinity. Real-time situation monitoring also shows who is logged into a certain machine at any given time.

The service will create payroll materials from the working hour logs, taking compensations and allowances into account. The payroll data can be electronically transferred to the most used pay calculation software programmes.

Real-time work task management

The Kiho Tasks service makes it easy to organise all your orders and work tasks to the field personnel and to different work sites, machines, and vehicles. Tasks can be allocated in real time using the map view to the worker who is physically closest, or to the one who is available based on the calendar view.

For each task, the service will automatically log the following:
start and end times
distance and route
product registrations
loading and unloading locations


aloitus- ja lopetusajan
matkan ja reitin
mahdolliset tuotekirjaukset
työn suorittajan sekä ajoneuvon tiedot
I can always see where the machines are and what the work statuses are. I have recommended Kiho to other companies too, it is always good to drop a few hints for the benefit of other entrepreneurs.
Ville Raivio, CEO, Maansiirto Rossi Oy 
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