In Cards/Licenses report, licences and their expiration dates are visible. Licences marked with red are going to expire soon.


Do you remember when Fire Work Licence will expire?

Do you know which employees has their licences up to date?

Kiho offers Licences service for all businesses for free for the first six months and after that for 5€/user/month.

This new feature enables employer to target employees, with needed licences, to correct work sites. Employee will get a reminder when licence is about to expire and so for employee can renew licence on time.

Employee can add up to date licences to the system him/herself.

Use of the feature is extremely easy; employee records his/her licenses and their expiration dates to the system. Employer see employees licences and expiration dates from Cards/Licences report.

Employer: you will find Licences feature from the bottom of Reporting part.

Employee: you can add up to date licences from the part “Cards/Licences” from your own settings.

No need for card game with licences anymore!

With the help of Kiho your business’s resources are in effective use!

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