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At Satakunnan Liikenne, drivers are directed to correct driving habits with the help of Kiho, a service based on automatic positioning. The positioning service provides information on the location of the bus fleet and drivers’ driving habits: braking, curves and accelerations. Positioning has saved fuel costs and reduced exhaust emissions. For customers, the reform has been visible as an improvement in travel comfort and reduced delays.

Kiho’s positioning service automatically alerts on deviations, allowing reacting to fault situations such as vehicle maintenance and delays in a timely manner..

Our traffic agency, on-call service and repair shop constantly use the monitoring. Alerts allow us to anticipate fault situations and delays. From the customer feedback-processing point of view, the recordings are important in investigating the course of events afterwards, says Mika Lahtinen from Satakunnan Liikenne

Correct driving habits reduce emissions

The positioning service is not yet available to all operators. Data collected on Satakunnan Liikenne has been successfully utilized. Based on the data, the drivers are given personal guidance, for example on proactive driving and avoiding unnecessary idling. The location service archives all runs.

With the help of the data, it is really easy for us to justify to drivers how their driving habits and unnecessary idling are displayed below the line. We utilize the collected data in our everyday work and guide our drivers to proactive driving, says Lahtinen.

As a by-product of efficiency, our operations are more environmentally friendly in every way, says Lahtinen.

Positioning-based data is increasingly utilized to control traffic and improve road safety on various interfaces. In Satakunnan Liikenne, digital tools are constantly being developed in cooperation with an IT partner. According to Lahtinen, data will be needed more and more in the future to develop operations.

Next development work are regular driving habit reports to be provided to the drivers themselves on their own driving. This has been found to be an effective way to maintain motivation for economical and proactive driving.

Additional information:

Tommi Järvinen, industry manager
tel. +358 50 466 7533


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