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For doers, by doers

A couple of young guys, dreams larger than life. That’s all it was in the beginning. Quitting wasn’t an option, even when it might have been the smartest thing to do. Sound familiar? No wonder. Kiho’s story is the story of so many businesses. Onwards and upwards, that’s what we’ve always thought. And still do, so let’s get to work!


Back in the day, sitting in a digger cabin writing down work hours, our founder Antti figured there had to be an easier way to get stuff done. Back then automated work time and digital fleet management were light years away. Turns out it was our CEO Lari that was needed to crystallize Kiho’s vision and direction, and after he joined our ranks we’ve been moving forward at the speed of light. In 2022 we are a company of 41 employees, going international. In Finland we serve more than a 1500 companies, next we’re going to take over the world. But more on that later.
Founded in Kuopio, Finland, Kiho is a people-first, purpose-driven company. We take what we do seriously, but we make sure to have fun while doing it. At Kiho everyone is free to be exactly who they are - just as it should be, since Kiho is owned by its employees. Our values guide us in everything we do and our mission is clear: we champion doers and use technology to build a sustainable future for the doers of tomorrow.
In Kiho’s early years there were several pioneers laying the groundwork for us to build on. They’ve since moved on, but without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. So to them we say: thank you and hats off!

Kiho in numbers



To build the world’s number one fleet and fieldwork management platform that can be seamlessly integrated with the most innovative solutions in the industry.


To empower doers to simplify and optimise their fleet, their workforce and their own time.


Everything we do is based on our values: purpose, dedication, integrity.
Put into practice it means that the purpose of all we do is to build paths towards a more sustainable world. We are dedicated to our doers, and they to us, and it shows both in the quality of our work and our products. We have integrity and stand behind our actions and each other.
Taking care of one another and our customers is what we do best.

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