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Kiho advances information

With Kiho IoT -devices and mobile app you can direct and report in real time what is happening in the field. Information is gathered from people, locations (f.e. devices and buildings) or vehicles and is sent back as commands, tasks and analyzed information. In Kiho -cloud information will refine and change to reports, payslips and invoices.


Seamless integrations

Information about wages goes straight to payroll computation software ,and formed invoices transfer as Finvoice material to invoicing software, through Kiho interfaces. Tasks, products or customer information can be taken ,for example, from order system in use. Straight connection with third party reporting tools can be created for example to create real-time business meters.

Platform for 3rd party businesses

Do you have an idea of a service that could be provided using Kiho’s technology? Our business platform enables fast and cost-effective development with fast time-to-market delay.